Aug 17, 2023

Tram Carrying Message of Faith Roaming Prague’s Streets

Starting in early August, a tram is operating across Prague’s streets covered with messages promoting Christianity.

The goal of the project is to help passengers become more familiar with faith and the Gospel.

The funding for this effort came from church donations and cost around CZK 1 million. Passengers will see signs like “Feeling stressed? Get to know the King of Peace” “Want love? Love is searching for you” or “Need a miracle? Meet the God of Miracles.”

Josef Bajzík, the person behind the project, explains, “We want to share the Gospel in new, modern ways. We’re saying that Jesus has the answers, and God brings peace and love.”

However, not everyone is excited about the idea. Some people on social media and even some church members have criticized the tram.

Pastor Karel Berka, for example, says, “I see this tram going through náměstí Míru. I respect it, but I don’t like how it’s forcing itself on people. I think these things need to be handled carefully.”

However, the Prague Transport Company views this form of advertising as acceptable, with DPP spokesperson Aneta Rehkova stating, “Upon investigation, we have determined that it adheres to the established regulations.”

So, this tram, covered in messages of faith, keeps moving through Prague, starting conversations and making people think about their beliefs.

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