Apr 10, 2024

Two-Thirds of Economically Active Ukrainian Refugees Have Jobs in Czechia

This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The IOM has determined that 77% of Ukrainian refugees are economically active, that is, they have a job or are actively looking for one. Most Ukrainian refugees are women.

They often have a high level of education, but in the Czech Republic, they have managed to find jobs only below their qualification level.

According to the data obtained, knowledge of the Czech language is of great importance for employment. Thus, more than four-fifths of migrants who speak Czech are employed.

The highest level of employment is among those who previously worked in Ukraine as mechanics, mechanics, drivers, craftsmen or skilled agricultural workers.

According to the study, almost a third of Ukrainian refugees face financial difficulties because they cannot cover their daily expenses. pensioners or those on maternity leave face problems as well.

At the same time, 56% of refugees from Ukraine rent housing, while the rest live in dormitories, hotels, and boarding schools.

According to the IOM, 69% of the refugees surveyed want to return to Ukraine and only 12% do not plan to return.

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IOM conducted a survey of refugees over the past year.

As Ukrinform reported, according to the Center for Economic Strategy, the share of migrants who plan to return to Ukraine is gradually decreasing. Currently, this figure is 26%.

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