Apr 10, 2024

Uncover the Secrets of Old Prague the Movie Way with “Some Like it Czech”

It is said that the Emperor Rudolf II left behind a treasure. A Czech adventure movie Code Name Maharal builds on this legend and takes you back to the Rudolphine era.

An enthralling blend of history, humor, and suspense is screened on the 17th of April at Cinema Aero as part of the English-friendly “Some Like It Czech” series. Buy your tickets here.

The movie Code Name Maharal (Maharal – Tajemství talismanu, 2006, watch the trailer here) delves into a legend that speaks of a treasure left behind by Emperor Rudolf II, waiting to be discovered 400 years after his death.

The scenarists decided to set the story in 2002, the year of the most destructive floods in modern Czech history. The treasure hunters are in this case three curious children, a trio of daring historians who consider themselves Czech Indiana Joneses, and one policeman. Indeed, a diverse group whose interactions yield unexpected humor.

Director Pavel Jandourek brings to life the Rudolphine Renaissance, a period of intellectual awakening and artistic brilliance. Rudolf II, known for his love of art, passion for science, and involvement in occultism, moved his seat to Prague, where he surrounded himself with eminent scientists, artists, and alchemists like Johannes Kepler, Tycho de Brahe, and Magister Kelly.

This era, marked by the rise of the Habsburg dynasty, is often hailed as the golden age of Jewish Prague. This all is depicted in the movie, where amidst the shadows of ancient synagogues, the figure of Rabbi Löw, known as the Maharal of Prague, renowned scholar, philosopher, mystic, and creator of the legendary Golem, looms large.

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The thrilling movie full of unexpected twists is going to be screened with English subtitles and an enlightening introduction to contextualize the era. What is a legend, what is true, what is false, and what remains a mystery? Come find out on the 17th of April to cinema Aero and join “Some Like It Czech” on a quest where history and legend converge, and the secrets of the past await discovery. Buy your tickets here.

If you want to know more about the event and the project itself, follow Some like it Czech on Instagram (@some_like_it_czech) or Facebook (@Somelikeitczech).

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