Oct 30, 2023

6 Funny Videos About “Uncultured” Passengers in Prague’s Public Transport

Prague Integrated Transport has taken an unconventional approach to remind passengers about polite behavior in public transport.

They have released six humorous videos featuring the renowned Czech actor, Jan Vondracek.

One of the clips explains how high inflation has transformed cigarettes into a luxury product, making them unaffordable for most residents.

Consequently, an “altruistic” smoker takes a final puff before boarding a tram and exhales the smoke inside the cabin, enabling other passengers to enjoy the tobacco flavor for free.

Another video focuses on “chirping influencers” who speak loudly on the phone, eager to share their wisdom with everyone around them.

The third video tackles the issue of “gatekeeper hindering”—a passenger who attempts to prevent others from entering or exiting the carriage.

The fourth clip introduces viewers to the heartless phenomenon of… inertia.

The fifth video serves as a reminder to parents to inform tram and bus drivers in advance if they plan to board with a pram.

The sixth video humorously addresses another problem in Prague’s transport system—the transportation of dogs without muzzles.

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