Dec 01, 2023

Where’s the Beef? The Best Smash Burger Places in Prague Right Now

Prague is no stranger to impeccable cuisine that can be found all over the city. Vietnamese, Italian, Indian, Korean, Latino, you name it, the capital has it.

In that diverse mix of meals, there exists a special type of hamburger that can only be replicated outside of its home country, the United States, by a select few. The hamburger? The Smash burger.

The difference between a hamburger and a smash burger exists within the name, and you can find yourself a delicious bite in Prague! The patties aren’t simply grilled, they’re smashed to perfection in a style where burgeristas are constantly pronouncing them as the ideal type of burger.

So, if you’re in the mood for a burger with a little more flavor and zing, here are the top joints in Prague that claim their name in the Best Smash Burgers list:



It’s in the name, and of course, it’s on the list! Many locals, expats, and tourists alike have all shared their 5-star ratings of Žižkov’s Smashed. Equipped with prime beef and loaded with a merciful amount of cheddar, Smashed has customers buying themselves a second burger right after finishing the first one. Not because of the size, but just because it’s so good.

Choose your number of smashed patties from the ‘Single Sin,’ ‘Double Pleasure,’ and even the ‘Triple Guilt’ if you’re really looking for a big bite. Don’t forget, Smashed just moved to a new location, right across the street!


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Dirty Dog Barbeque

Located in Manifesto Market, the Dirty Dog Barbeque just recently introduced their smash burger to the menu, and if it’s anything like their classic ‘Smokey & the Burger,’ you’re in for a real treat. Owned by American chefs who know how to perfect their native food, the newly added smash burger is made with fresh buns, local beef, and most importantly, real American cheddar cheese.

To make things a little more interesting, their special sauce is what makes the burger stand out on this list, topped off with their potato bun. If you’re feeling sides, there’s plenty to choose from: wings, fries, mac & cheese, and popcorn chicken. We were able to get the first taste of their new burger, and it’s definitely worth a try!


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There’s no shortage of great food in Vinohrady, so it’s no surprise that it’s also home to one of the smash burgers on our list. Hoxton first began at Manifesto Market in Anděl, but realizing that more and more people were craving their burgers, they opened up a larger restaurant right by the Basilica of St. Ludmila in Náměstí Míru.

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Offering the smash burger at CZK 288, their menu also allows you to customize your own smash burger if you’re feeling creative. Featured with a brioche bun and 150g beef patty, you won’t be leaving Hoxton’s hungry, that’s for sure. Of course, there’s also their classic Hoxton burger, and a multitude of other burgers to choose from (Chili G, Oh My Goat, Pork, Truffle Mushroom).


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No Prague smash burger list would be complete without Fatfuck. Here in Prague since 2020, in a dine-in restaurant at Petřín and a takeaway location in Holešovice, you can’t get enough of the mighty Fatfuck smash burger. Available in two sizes, the classic and the supreme, the smash burger comes with Iberian bacon and a milk bun that really elevates the burger’s appetizing and juicy taste.

Go for the supreme if you’re feeling hungry, because instead of just one patty, it comes in three genuinely smashed patties with sauteed mushrooms. The only fault in this otherwise amazing burger joint is that their fries could really use an upgrade. Nonetheless, Fatfuck reserves its rightful name on this list.


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We know, we know. They’re not smash burgers. Yet, it’s unquestionable that Mr.HotDoG gets an honorable mention on this list for those of you who aren’t hungry enough for a smash burger, but just enough so that you may want to enjoy a slider. And it’s agreed that Mr. HotDoG’s sliders are absolutely mesmerizing.

If you think there’s a place we missed on this list, let us know!

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